On Thursday, We Give Thanks.

I owe you two posts today.

Yesterday, was a wreck. Car troubles=Sick to my stomach. I cried a lot! I also called my mom because that is what I do when it just gets to be too much for me.

Therefore, I am thankful for my mother and really just my little family. If I had to do it all over again, I’d totally chose them to be mine. They just really know how to have a gal’s back. Biological family or not, these people have kept me strong for 30 years and I just really love them to pieces. If I’m half as good as a mother as my mom then I’ll be doing just fine. No, I’m not pregnant or even planning on having children, but God’s got his plans.


I’m also thankful for co-workers who have made sure that I got home from work and back to work this morning even though it was totally our of their way. I mean, there are some good people in this world and I’m luck to have a bunch in my building. It is also great that I didn’t have anyone barking at me for being late to work –I’m thankful for the flexible work culture that I have and that I work with pretty understanding people.

The nice people who were very patient with me about my car. I was a bit melodramatic but they were fine with it and seemed to understand my demeanor.

Friday Night Lights for getting me through yesterday and early this morning when I couldn’t sleep. I’ve got to find my Coach Eric Taylor. I mean, I wouldn’t mind finding my Tim Riggins but he isn’t really the marrying kind. Seriously, it is one of the best TV shows ever!

God is always teaching us something, isn’t he? We must be thankful during the good and the bad times. God is always good :).

Later Y’all

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