On Friday, I’m in Love

I’m spending Friday night in with me, myself, and I. Wasn’t my original plan BUT sometimes things just work out in a way that aren’t too bad. I still have two hours of Friday in Nashville and I am determined to keep this post out to you by the deadline.

So, what am I in love with today?

I did some cleaning of my apartment and rediscovered some items that make me smile.

1. KNC- I just really love my name. My first and last name are alliterative and it just rolls off the tongue. I was once told that I had the name of an anchorwoman. This compliment made me smile because that was my dream job when I was in high school. Anthropologie makes all sorts of letters for your home or office.

2. @ Bookend- So, you know in White Elephant how you’re not supposed to get upset if someone swipes your gift? Well, I got a little visibly peeved :(. I found this guy on my desk chair when I arrived at work the next day. I felt like a whiny baby, but I love this piece and I think it just made it easier for my co-worker to know what I wanted for Christmas that year. Check out Barnes & Noble for cool accessories.

3. Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington of Vogue and Relish by Daphne Oz. I love good reads. If you haven’t seen “The September Issue” then I suggest you watch it in order to understand the significance of Grace Coddington in the fashion world. Daphne can be seen daily on ABC’s The Chew.

4. Clutch or Pouch? I actually won a giveaway hosted by Back Down South . Diane E. Kelly makes these fantastic cork clutches with a football for the SEC girl in you, a fleur de lis, or this lovely starfish. Starfish Cork Clutch, $85.00–see me sport it below:


Gap Pouch–love the color combination with the cool neutral gray and the neon pink. Can’t find this one online but there are a few different options and many are on sale.

5. Who doesn’t love red shoes? Who doesn’t love them more when they are wedges with bows? Picked these up from DSW. Moda Spana Holly Wedge Sandal, $29.94

That’s all for now.

Later y’all.

So, what do you think?

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