Blogging Adventure

My blog is purely for fun and catharsis. I enjoy the process of writing Peculiar Pearl and am learning more and more everyday about the art of blogging. I’ve taken small steps with my blog but I must say it is strange sometimes to put your feelings on blast, especially to those readers that you actually know. It still surprises me when people say, “I read your blog.” The biggest surprise readers are certainly the 18-22 college students that I work with everyday.

My blog is connected to Twitter, LinkedIn, and I pin most of my entries to Pinterest. Depending on the post, I might link it on over to Facebook and those are certainly the days that I get the most readers on Peculiar Pearl.

I read a lot of blogs and many that I read have a Facebook Page specifically for their blog. So, I decided that I would do the same and see what happens. Check out “Blogs I Love”.

If you’re so inclined please “Like” my Peculiar Pearl Page.

It will be a place for my PP posts as well as other “in the moment” insights.

Thanks Y’all.

So, what do you think?

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