LC Lauren Conrad -IFB Project #101- A Brand You Want to Work With

I am a blogger on a budget. You will not see me spending copious amounts of cash on clothing. I have to do more with less otherwise, I don’t eat very well. I am under the impression that you can do style without causing major drainage on your bank account. It is the person that makes the clothes and not the price of them. Now, there are times in my life where I have splurged and there are items on my wish list that are totally outside of my price range but I’m pretty controlled when it comes to making exorbitant fashion purchases. I think you have to pursue style in a healthy manner and not turn it into a source of financial stress. When it gets to that point then fashion is no longer fun and above anything it should always be fun.

The brand I would love to work with is a brand that is very realistic for me and one that I have admired for a while. I am also a plus-sized woman so I have to be loyal to brands that think about me as a woman with generous curves. LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s . Why do I love this brand? I love it because it is chic, easy, versatile, and it brings both the trends as well as classics to everyday people who don’t have a fat roll of cash to dedicate to fashion. The line also comes in a size 14/16. I’m also a fan of Lauren Conrad and the maven that she’s been able to become even after being away from our TV screens for years.

Kohl’s is always having a sale and LC Conrad always has a line that contains multiple must-have items. I know that I can go to my local Kohl’s, try on these items, and walk away feeling like I’ve purchased a piece of fashion that can be worn at work or play and I don’t feel guilty about the purchase. I own a nice amount of LC Lauren Conrad and the pieces have held up for years. My favorite pieces are my denim short and a long sleeved short two toned dress that I wear with wedges in the summer and tights and heels in the fall. I’ve also worn a dress from this line to a wedding and to a 30th birthday soiree at the swanky Carolina Inn.

I am 30 and these clothes are still age appropriate. I want to work with LC Lauren Conrad to show how these clothes work for a plus-sized and professional woman who is running around the city making moves on a daily basis. These clothes look expensive and they are on trend.

Here are some of my current favorite pieces:

LC Lauren Conrad Chiffon Shirtdress
LC Lauren Conrad Colorblock Maxi Dress
LC Conrad Boyfriend Blazer
Lauren Conrad Lace Satin Top
LC Lauren Conrad Platform Wedge Sandals

Thanks IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) for posting this challenge! I had to think quite hard about a line that really fit my season of life. LC Lauren Conrad suits the many facets of my life and allows me to continue to live my life in style while in the black.

Later Y’all.

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