Why Don’t I Do That Anymore?

As I’m working on rediscovering my happy I have reflected on things that used to make me happy that for some reason I don’t do anymore. I’m sure at the time I had reasons for stepping away from that activity BUT now I just can’t seem to remember (is that part of the old age?) .

Thing 1: ZUMBA!
Thing 2: Style blogging
Thing 3: Serve on the First Impressions Ministry at my church
Thing 4: Scour the Internets for FREE things to do in Nashville and do them whether in a group or on a solo mission.
Thing 5: Plan random friend outings/hang out with a now 17 year old who made me giggle

In 2014, I’m going to attempt to work these things back into my life. Small doses at first and then I’ll take an internal assessment on how these past happies fit into my current life.

Happy Chart

What are some things that have faded from your life that might give you a happiness boost this new year? As I think more about this I realize that I loved doing these things because they made me love myself more. I liked me better when I was doing these things. Hmm…

Later Y’all.

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