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whites mercantile

Well, y’all it is Friday at 2:55pm and I’m just sitting at my desk wanting to venture into the sunshine, grab a snack on 12South and pop into White’s Mercantile for more lovelies. If you live in Nashville or will just be hopping through the city for a visit then I strongly encourage you to stop by and do some damage at this fresh and sunny general store.

White’s Mercantile 2908 12th Ave. South Nashville, TN 37204 Ph (615) 750-5379 is all the info you need to make your way to this destination. There’s even parking in the front!

Oh, and did I mentioned it’s owned by Holly Williams?

Before a delicious lunch at Epice (you should eat here and sit outside if it’s a nice day) and for dessert maybe, Las Paletas?

I digress. Ahem!

Back to White’s Mercantile, billed as the “a general store for the modern day taste-maker” is just what you need to find those pops of special to freshen up your home, office, or your everyday precious routines. There’s an entire section of greeting cards that could have single handedly put me in debt, toiletries, practical accessories, all the delightful notepads you could ever think of in your stationery obsessed mind, kitchenware, and even fancy breath mints. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I wanted to wrap it ALL up and take it home. On top of  that the women who work there are those girls that everyone wants to invite out for drinks but you don’t want to be awkward by basically asking them out on a friend date. Therefore, you leave and promise to come back for more shopping, laughter, and girlie chats.

What did I purchase?

My “Sweetie” coffee mug. When I don’t know people’s names, I call them “Sweetie”. Shh! Don’t tell anyone my secret.

My Hummingbird Factory black and Gold Anchor Clutch because I’m a Vandy employee, a fan, and I sincerely hope our football team gains a better understanding of what it means to “Anchordown” before this football season is a total bust.

My bright yellow Public Supply notebook because well, I love notebooks and a % of the proceeds goes back to New York Public Schools. Win-Win, right?

I highly recommend you give it a go and treat yourself of someone you love.

Thanks for reading!

Lata Y’all.

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