Let ships be ships.

Angela Jia Kim, Founder of Savor the Success in her Daily Action Planner adheres to the philosophy of  “ships”, specifically 3 ships. The concept of ships is pretty basic in the sense that when ships go out to sea we typically wait for them to return to their origin and hope that something of value to us is on the vessel. Ships usually always return to their dock or harbor (I don’t speak nautical) and if not, then it is often because of a mishap.

Angela educates her clients to send out at least 3 ships on a daily basis. Send out something everyday that will eventually bring something back to you. Invest in sending out ships and you are bound to have a return on 1 or more of those investments.

So, what’s a ship? An email, a phone call, an application, a proposal, a chapter of a book, thank you note, and a blog post, etc. A ship is anything that can bring good stuff that you want or need back to you. The lesson is that the more ships you send out the more likely something good is going to come back to you.

In order to achieve your goals you’ve got to send out ships. Daily ships. EVERYDAY you should be putting something out in the world that could possibly bring you profits or other fruitful opportunities and resources.

I’ve been working on adopting this philosophy as a part of  my life. I looked at my 2015 goals and I made a list of ships that I would have to send out in order to make what matters happen.  Who do I need to call, email, visit, write, or submit items to in order to get stuff done? There are now regularly 3 ships or more  on my daily to-do lists. I ain’t too proud to ask, y’all and if need be, I’ll surely beg.

Bottom line: If you don’t send it then you’ll never know what might be on the other side. “If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.”

2f23fa427b67a967a947ca1fcad48c6eFor 99% of you, building your ideal personal and/or professional life might just include needing the help of other people. The ships will alert them of your presence, your passion, your gifts, your purpose, and how they can help you live your best life. Many of your ships will be mutually beneficial and folks will be happy that they showed up on their side of the coast. Once you’ve put it out there, you no longer control the ship–you’ve given up navigation, you must let it go and play the patience and faith game while you wait for it to make its way back home.All ships won’t come back and all ships won’t come back with a pot of gold attached AND that’s okay. Everything in life can’t be and shouldn’t be a yes. Celebrate those ships that do.

Swallow your fear and courageously send out 3 ships a day. What do you really have to lose?

What are your ships?

Here’s a few of mine for next week:

– Mid Managers’ Institute Application

– Proposals for the NCCWSL (National Conference for College Women Student Leaders)

Prevail Planning Team email

– at least 3 blog posts

– daily Facebook posts

theoryTalks follow up email and Social Change Model reminders

– Christmas Thank You Notes

-Email to Caroline from Well Placed Smile

– invitations for campus partners to participate in EVOLVE

– proposal for two possible student programs

Bon voyage! Thanks for reading.

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