The Great Fashion Fast of May Part II

I did it! I made it through the month of May without shopping for clothes. Factors contributing to my success include:

1. I’ve been super busy doing other things.

2. The students are gone so I’m not constantly seeing cute clothes I just “need” to own.

3. I’ve been less stressed which means less retail therapy and when I have been stressed I’ve just gone to the gym or to sleep.

4. I had fun remixing existing items. The day after laundry day is like opening a  new boutique in your closet.

5. The money I didn’t spend on clothes I spent on Carrie Underwood concert tickets, a haircut, and a few eating trips to Nashville culinary hotspots. So, did I “save” money—uh, no. I just repurposed it—Hey, back off. I’m a work in progress.

6. I went home and came back with 2 “new” bags from my mom’s baskets o’ purses and new perfume with matching lotion so I felt like I shopped without spending cash.

Now on to June…Let’s see if I can keep this up or least keep the shopping impact on my wallet low ;).

Oh, and I totally got rid of most of my TV stations yesterday…post coming soon!

So, what do you think?

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