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Back Down South is a look at the style of the South. Caroline Fontenot, does a fantastic job of photographing native and transplant southerners in their environment wearing their personal wardrobe. The fashion and the “models” are accessible and have an enormous amount of swagger. I also love the blog because my cute friends  Allyson and Christina along with their sweet roomie Caroline are regularly featured. Ashlyn Stallings from one of my favorite blogs EVER,writes guests spots. The blog isn’t all about fashion as I am, at this very moment, grooving to a Spotify playlist called ”Go Back Down South” which is a compilation of “Music Monday”, a feature of the site that highlights southern artists. Volunteer Traditions, Cordial Churchman, Harding Lane, and Brier & Moss are just a few of the staple brands of the blog. The Dirty Guv’nahs, Alabama Shakes, and Matthew Mayfield made it into my music collection because of this blog. Great fashion and music inspiration! Check it out!

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