Nashville is delicious!

So, remember my goal of eating myself through Nashville’s 70 Best Restaurants? Well, I’ve been making great progress and I thought I’d share my faves thus far in this adventure towards elastic waist pants :). 

– Wild Hare— Don’t judge this place by its outward appearance. My Grilled Chicken Salad and side of Mac & Cheese covered in jalapeno gouda sauce was the best lunch EVER! My friend had an excellent lobster pizza. 

– 1808 Grille —Dessert-Strawberry Shortcake! Tortellini was tasty. Located in the Hutton Hotel and would normally be out of my price range but it was a free professional dinner. 

– Tavern —Brunch! Yummy! Went after church and it was super busy but worth the wait and we saw a Bachelorette contestant. 

– B&C BBQ— Hmmm, needed to roll myself to the car especially after inhaling a gallon of sweet tea and I could have taking a dip in a vat of the grits. Staying awake at work after this lunch was quite the chore. 

– Valentino’s —Fancy $$$$, the Groupon was appreciated. Lovely atmosphere and the salmon melted in my mouth. 

The Pharmacy 

– Cabana—Great Girls’ Night deal on Wednesday night. 

-Cantina Laredo—Get yourself a margarita. You’ll only need one but you’ll probably want more. 

– Whiskey Kitchen —Sit outside on the patio. Try a pizza. 

Since I moved to Nashville a little over a year ago I’ve eaten at 21 out of 70. Luckily, I’ll be staying in Nashville for a while cause I’ve got a whole lot of noshing to do. 

So, what do you think?

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