Stuff I need to do…

I have to get the things I think about out on paper otherwise they swim around and around and around. Drives me nuts! Here we go:

– Figure out how much graduate school is actually going to cost. Do I really want to go back and do I really want to go to Vandy’s program with the faculty melting? Do I want to pay back a substantial amount of debt for the rest of my life? Is it worth it? Seriously the government is not making me happy right now…

– Massive closet REMIX! I need more ensembles out of my existing pieces. Gotta get back on the cease fire of shopping. Laundry might be helpful. I purchased two dresses last night and I’m happy with them BUT I don’t NEED any more clothes.

– Nashville Emerging Leader Awards–What am I going to wear? How do I use this as leverage for futher involvement in the city?  How else can I involve myself in Nashville? I’ll be okay if I don’t win BUT what next?

– Put my apartment back together. I have a new accent wall and need to upack from GA and TX.

– Get my brakes fixed.  $$$$$

– Plan two more girlfriend outings for July. Who’s Bad Concert is happening but what else can me and the ladies do in Music City?

– Plan for Provisional Advisor Position. Buy a new notebook for this role.

– Get BBBS under control.

– CGT- Fall schedule needs to be set. Topic matter? First Mondays of each month will need to be relocated because of Junior League stuff.

– Clean out my car.

– AFA Volunteer Role/RD Interview –Why am I running to be Region II Director again?

– Clean out my storage closet. So much paper! Time to purge.

– Send out some handwritten notes/cards. Where is my address book?

Great. Now I can concentrate on work until 4:30pm…then I’m off to girl’s night :). It will all get done and if not well, “Worry, why should I care?” Great John Mayer song–listen to it NOW!

Welcome to my head. Hope you survived the visit :).

So, what do you think?

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