I’m incredibly unmotivated to do anything. Everything these days seems to only gain my immediate attention when I’m under the gun. A deadline must be looming for me to spring into action. What is wrong with me? This is not my usual mode of work.

I make my to-do list and then I procrastinate. I find 18 other things to do besides what is on the list. My work doesn’t lack quality but it is lacking in passion and often creativity. I want to focus on my non-work commitments. My work in the Nashville community brings me more contentment and fulfillment than anything these days.

This mood makes me question my career path UNTIL I have a moment like I did yesterday. I spent four hours with 46 women who are serving as Gamma Chi for the Panhellenic community. I planned a very simple, educational, fun, and bonding experience for the women. To be honest, I was not particularly enthused by the day BUT I had an incredible time facilitating actvities and educating the women about sorority recruitment .The students were responsive and cared about the happenings of the day. They were funny and curious. I WAS ECSTATIC!

Regardless of how I’m feeling right now about the tasky aspects of my job there is one thing that always rings true. I love college students. That is a simple fact and I’m not looking to change that about my professional life.

I must reframe and obtain a new perspective on the day to day. Until then, I will just seek and bask in those moments when I get to connect face to face, one on one, mano y mano with the 18-22 years olds that clog my office and inbox.

Let’s hope I can give it the ol’ college try.

So, what do you think?

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