I’m a winner!



Thanks to Volunteer Traditions I am the owner of this new snazzy “Football in the South Tee”!

Obvi, I choose it in Black & Gold because I hold season tickets for football games at Vandy. ANCHORDOWN! Really, my dear ‘Dores, just win!

Super amped to rock this tee at the next game against Auburn. Secretly, I want the right to yell War Eagle or even Roll Tide but for now ANCHORDOWN will have to make do. The former are much cooler ;).

Lucky for me I’m going to have a new football adventure at Ole Miss this weekend. My friends are taking me to Oxford to tailgate on   “The Grove”! I’ve got my red dress all picked out and I’m ready to roll. Hotty Toddy here I come!

This basketball baby is having fun in SEC land. The fashion, the tailgates, and the sheer passion for the game are right up my alley.  Don’t worry folks, I’m loyal to my Blue Devils and the ACC for basketball but I’m dating around and liking what I see on the football field in the SEC.

I’ll make sure to report back about my trip to Ole Miss. Wish me luck!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Volunteer Traditions @Vol_Trad or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VolunteerTraditions. Great products to showcase your state pride. Feel free to send me anything with VA, NC, or TN. Thanks!







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