On Thursdays, We Give Thanks.

One of my favorite movies is Mean Girls and it just so happens that National Mean Girls Day was on October 3rd. You have to watch the movie if you want understand the 10/3 reference. In the movie, the women make it pretty clear that,  “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” Since I seek to appreciate the wonderful life that God has given me I thought I’d start a new series on Peculiar Pearl that allows me to take a moment each week to give thanks.


I know, today is Friday BUT cut me some slack. There were so many blessings flowing my way yesterday that I didn’t make time to blog about them ;).


Here we go…

Nice auto mechanics. I mean, I have no idea what to do with that oversized toy called a Mazda parked downstairs. Therefore, I need some assistance and the boys at Sears Auto Center do it for me.

My voice. I mean, I’ve heard myself on tape and my voice is rather obnoxious and unexpected. I didn’t really remember how it sounds until I happened to watch a video from the Greek Leaders’ Retreat. This footage was complete with my color commentary. I mean, that is what people have to listen to when I speak? Yeesh! Despite how I might feel about it, this voice has gotten me quite far in life. It is loud, clear, strong, and I’m not afraid to use it. My voice often causes people to ask “Wait, where are you from?” Other people just call me “bourgie” (like at the most recent high school football game I attended), and others have just told me that I “sound white”. Oh, well. I’ll take it and keep chatting my way to success.

I’ve never felt the urge to do drugs. I mean, I indulge in festive beverages but that is where I draw the line. I’ve never even smoked a cigarette or marijuana. I’ve never felt compelled to engage in narcotics and I’m super thankful for I know that everyone is not able to share that blessing. It is hard to watch people struggle with addiction and the  negative impact engaging in drugs can have on that person’s entire family, their friends, and often the community in which they live.

Well, that got kinda serious. How would Glen Coco feel about this?

Take some time this weekend and reflect.  What are you thankful for at  this time in your life?

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