Movie Monday

I love the movies. The movie theatre is my go-to escape destination. I go alone.  I get a Kids’ Pack. I wear a big sweater and I completely immerse myself in the movie. I cry more in the dark at the movie theatre then I will ever cry in front of people. I laugh like I am the only one in the room. I get so caught up that I can’t even sit back in my chair. I LOVE the movies! I take myself on movie dates quite often. I look forward to it and afterwards I feel relieved. It is a cathartic experience and one that in my constant state of busyness, I’ve neglected to type into my iCal. Sadness :(.

After a hiatus, I am back and I picked a gem this time around. I saw the Perks of Being a Wallflower based on the book by Stephen Chbosky. I read this book in high school and it quickly became my favorite. Charlie, the main character is a beautifully written person who feels emotions at a level that I greatly envy. I’ve loved him since the first page and I have been waiting with great anticipation for this movie to grace theatres with its prescence. You know how the movie is never as good as the book? This totally came as close as you could get to being spot on.

I cried A LOT in this movie. I think I cried for the same reason that this book resonates with me and has since I was a teenager. Charlie and I are more alike than I’ve ever cared to admit. Most people that know me would never believe that, but it’s the truth. Charlie is a wallflower and he’s finally decided to start “participating” in life. There is a twist in Charlie’s story that you don’t discover until almost the end of the movie. The twist is shocking and helps you put everything into perspective. Charlie finds a group of friends and is welcomed onto the “island of misfit toys”. His English teacher shows great interest in him and  believes in his dream of becoming a writer. He gains a girlfriend. He falls in love and not with the aforementioned girlfriend. Charlie takes life in; he “sees things and he understands.”

The actor who played Charlie delivered a flawless performance and the cast was pretty phenomenal. I hesitated at Emma Watson being cast as Sam but she fulfilled every nuance of this role. Patrick is just too much to even fit into a blog.

I loved this movie. I needed a good cry and I needed to be reassured that everything is going to be okay. Despite all that Charlie goes through in his life you leave with the highest hopes that he is going to be fine. In the same note, you also hope that you too are going to be fine.  This book coming to life before my eyes was the perfect return to the movie theatre. I saw the movie on Saturday and I honestly can’t stop thinking about it and am tempted to see it again.

Read the book. See the movie. Fall in love.

Later yall.

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