On Thursdays, We Give Thanks.

Oh, hey! The most thankful holiday EVER, Thanksgiving is upon us! Get amped.

I’m thankful for a few things today. Ahem!

1. Living in a town where I can go hear bands and develop new music crushes. I went to 3rd & Lindsley last night with a group of cool kids and we had the privilege of hearing the musical stylings of Neulore, The Last Bison, Canon Blue, and Paper Route. Yeah, I didn’t know any of these bands until a quick Spotify crash session to at least appear like I cared at the show. Verdict: Love Paper Route and the The Last Bison. Check em’ out!

2. My gym. I love Boost Fit Club. Friendly, clean, helpful, cute trainers, and the best stress relief on Earth in the form of an elliptical machine and heavy weights. I crank up the tunes and I sweat it all out. I leave it all there on the gym floor. My mind and my body feel better.

3. Back Down South – If you’ve read my blogroll before then you know that I adore this blog from Caroline Fontenot. The music, the clothes, the South, the fact that people I know and love are featured, and of course the giveways! I won! Whoop! A beautiful Diane Kelly Cork Clutch will be in my possession in the very near future. That tweet was a daychanger and a wardrobe changer.

4. I go home to VA in 4 days! Thank you Jesus! I miss me some Virginia. Break is here and me and the students totally needed this respite from each other. I love them and I’m sure they love me but we just need a break. We’ll reconcile our relationship on the 26th.

5. Kairos at Brentwood Baptist Church. Sometimes, I just need and want the Word on Tuesday night. The worship is AMAZING! The people are nice. The Word is so good. Mike brings it home in a way that I need it to hit me, which is in a fashion similar to a ton of bricks. There is something special about the experience and I got to take my new Theta Consultant friend for her first time. God is always there for me and sometimes on a Tuesday night from 7-9pm in a room full of people where I don’t know a soul (at least not that I know of) is where he is the clearest for me.

I love doing this post! Sorry, it is a day late. I’m thankful that you’re flexible.

Later y’all.

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