On Friday, I’m in love with…

So, remember when I wrote about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders HERE?

Well, my guilty pleasure this week is my love of tweeting with the DCC. In fact, I have been tweeted by @DDD_Veronica, @DCC_Jasmine, @DCC_Brittney, @DCC_Jenna, and @DCC_Nicole. Boom!

@DCC_Nicole, @DCC_Brittney, @DCC_Jasmine, and @DCC_Ann  was a response.  @DCC_Jenna favorited and then retweeted my tweet.

Yep, I was all smiles!

I don’t know, I just love them! I also really love the fact that they actually take the time to tweet their followers.

My obsession with cheerleading will never fade. The sport (yes, the sport) taught me a great deal about myself and what it means to be a member of team. It gave me a needed confidence boost and helped me establish a much more positive body image. Those girls were my family and I loved them dearly. My best times in high school were out on the field or on the court. Pep Rallies were my happiest moments and even when I won Homecoming Queen I did the cheers in my sparkly blue dress. I think when I watch the DCC my mind wanders back to those times and I’m thankful for that experience.

Yay for the power of the Tweet!

Later y’all.



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