The Tube

Happy Summer! With all of the amazing things that come with summer including hot weather, pool time, grilling, intense patio sits, and pretty summer dresses just to name a few, we also get the unpredictable summer TV schedule.

Though there is so much to do all year long, every once in a while I need a good couch sit in front of my TV or my laptop.

Must Watch List:
Scandal, Law & Order: SVU,Suits,
Psych,Revenge ,Modern Family ,Nashville,SMASH,Family guy ,
Parks & Recreation,The Office ,New Girl ,The Mindy Project,The Daily Show/ Colbert Report



I also have a mixed bag of reality TV shows that I enjoy including:
The Voice ,Fashion Star,Project Runway,The Bachelor/Bachelorette ,Ink Master (yeah, I enjoy a tattoo show–judge much?), Bravo, and VH1

fashion star

I’m not home for most of these shows and I also don’t pay for DVR so I subscribe to Hulu+ and I catch everything I love when I have the time to sloth around.

The summer has not presented me with many awesome options just yet. So far, I have watched The Bachelorette which is a major snoozefest thus far. The Voice is down to the Top 5 (#TeamSasha & #TeamMichelle), I tried to watch Mistresses but give me a break–ew no! I broke my Kardashian addiction about a year ago (Thank you Jesus). Motive on ABC is pretty decent. I decided to cancel my Hulu+ subscription for the summer and have decided to read more books and keep myself preoccupied with other tasks.

I watch TV to escape. Sometimes, I just don’t want to think and if I do have to think to keep up with the show (Scandal) then at least I’m not thinking about my actual life. 30-120 minutes of escapism is sometimes just what I need. The emotions elicited by TV shows can be quite powerful. You’ll totally catch me crying and belly laughing as the writers hoped. I’ll never be one of those people that removes TV completely from my home but I am looking forward to the challenge of watching less. Specifically, I must cut back on the reality TV because it only leads to relative deprivation,schadenfreude, and idolizing of people who don’t really have “talent”. I can’t bear seeing more women claw their way to a renewed contract, tacky fashion line, and a book deal.

What do you like to watch?

So, what do you think?

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