I Love Nashville Nouns

I haven’t posted anything in this series for a while.

Don’t worry! I still love Nashville 🙂 I mean, who doesn’t these days? Check out this article.

I decided to post about a place that is near and dear to my heart since I spend 5 days out of my week from around 9-5 camped out in this exclusive locale.

It’s my office! When I found out that I was getting a new office, I decided to style it up and make it mirror my sparkling personality ;). I’m blessed to have an office and not live in cubicle land. To be honest, I have decorated my office better than I’ve decorated my apartment. Eek! I know, I know, I’m working on it :/.

Check out the images of some of my favorite office bits.

For these items visit the following sites:

Design Darling for the lovely monogrammed business card holder and pencil cup not to mention all of the other goodies you can purchase from this beautifully stocked boutique
Anthropologie for the fun pencils
Etsy for the Monogrammed Mason Jar
Always scope out TJ Maxx for office goodies.

Hope you liked a little visit to my work home. I figure if I’m going to be there for such a large percentage of my life then I better like the place. I work with college students so it also needs to feel welcoming, comfortable, and fun. Oh, the paint color is called “Spicy Hue”.

Tell me about your office.

So, what do you think?

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