Jessica from DahliaLynn and Jessica from Here & Now have jumpstarted a new blogger adventure called BlogNashville. BlogNashville is a community for Nashville’s fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

Our first event, H&Margaritas was a grand time. We began the night at Chuy’s for delicious margaritas and then walked a few paces over to the grand opening of H&M in Opry Mills.

These ladies are not only quality bloggers but they are quality people. Laughter and chatter were a key component of the night. I’m not a hardcore blogger. I do this for cathartic purposes and to chronicle my life’s adventures. I have never set out to make money on this blog or to become famous. However, for those ladies that are able to do so, I give you much respect and I’m a fan. I have a lot to learn from these ladies as they are creative, strategic, and dedicated to the art of blogging. I’m happy to have spent time with them and I look forward to more events.

I think you’ll love their blogs.

Jessica from DahliaLynn
Jessica from Here & Now
Morgan from Wake Up Your Wardrobe
Krista from Junkin,Digging, and Gettin Lost

Aren’t they lovely?

If you’re a fashion/lifestyle blogger in the Nashville area and want to be a part of the community then leave a comment here and I’ll be sure to get you connected. You can also follow on Twitter @BlogNashville and you can “Like” the BlogNashville Facebook Page.

Later Y’all!

4 thoughts on “BlogNashville

  1. Meghan Lee says:

    I would LOVE to get connected with the Nashville bloggers. I’ve been blogging consistently for about 6 months now and am always up for ways to expand and meet some lovely people!

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