The Choice of Happy

August is about to go bye bye. The summer seemed to make only a brief appearance this year and now we are skipping right into fall things. I love fall things including football, scarves, sweaters, boots, leaves changing color, and new seasons of my fave tv shows, BUT I shall miss the summer and the way I felt during particular moments. This summer was different and there were great highs and spectacular lows. I felt more free than I have in a long time and at the same time incredibly restrained. I was surrounded by lovely people and super lonely all at the same time. Life continues to show me her complexities as I get older. Well, it has happened and there is nothing I can do about the past. Forward on, Miss Clark into September.

Since life’s been a bit interesting and my mood is still not optimal, I’m going to cope as I typically do and fill my life with moments that I hope will bring me life. Oh, don’t worry, I’m also going to see a therapist.

Bright Spots
-SEC Football begins on Thursday!!! Vanderbilt v. Ole Miss at Vandy :)-It’s a blackout game and I’m still in search of the perfect ensemble. I’m happy to wander around to a couple tailgates and cheer on the ‘Dores. Also, seeing Ole Miss play brings back great memories of my adventure to The Grove last fall. My Hotty Toddy cup is still my favorite to use at work.

– The BEACH!! I’m off to North Carolina to celebrate my friend Erin’s 30th Birthday. I get to spend a day at Duke and then I get to stick my fit in the sand and spend some time breathing fresh air and internalizing God’s beautiful creation. I also get to take a break from Nashville. I love this city but we need a break.

– The Junior League of Nashville’s Provisional Year begins! I am loving my role on Council as Provisional Co-Chair and I can’t wait to hold it down on Wednesday nights.

– I get to see Blake Shelton with my lovely friend Jana in September. The boots shall make an appearance and I shall have fun and sing until my voice disappears.

– A mixed bag of events including Live on the Green, a DDD Breakfast Club meet up, Zumba, church, and hopefully a fun benefit concert.

– I also hope to sprinkle in some 1:1 encounters with people that I love in this city. Seriously, I’ve found some of the best people here and I need to work on cherishing the time I have with them a lot better.

That’s all that I have scheduled for now but we’ll see what pops up on the calendar.

I’ve felt like a huge sloth lately. My get up and go attitude has gone. Perhaps, I just need some rest or I just need to deal with some shit that’s weighing me down. Regardless, I’m committed to pulling it back together. I’m working on choosing happy. Your support is appreciated.

Later Y’all.


Happy Spirit

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